AI Streamlines Public Admin: UK Embraces Automation for Efficient Public Services

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 The United Kingdom is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to help with administrative jobs and free up police officers, teachers, and health staff to focus on front-line responsibilities.

According to a government evaluation, many teachers "waste a day each week" on chores such as data input and daily reporting, and that reducing administrative workloads will allow police to spend more time fighting crime.

The report, which will be presented in the government's Autumn Statement next week, will highlight "huge opportunities" to cut daily administrative duties and further utilise AI to relieve the strain on cops and teachers while also assisting nurses and physicians in treating patients more swiftly.

"Our public servants are among the best in the world, but we don't help them or taxpayers when a day is wasted every week on admin," Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt said in a statement on Saturday.    

"We must do better by cutting admin, preventing problems before they emerge, and safely introducing new technology like AI."


As a result of rising expenditures and an ageing population, governments around the world are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to assist streamline operations and enhance productivity in public services.

In the United Kingdom, Hunt stated that Al is already assisting doctors and nurses in treating stroke victims and developing high-quality lesson plans for instructors.  

Further use of the technology may reduce teachers' workloads by up to five hours per week over three years, he claimed, while new technologies could save the country's police force up to 750,000 hours each week.

The report comes as public opinion on the rising usage of AI in the workplace remains mixed. 

According to a report released last month by the UK's Office for National Statistics, 32% of working individuals feel AI would put their employment at risk, while 28% believe it will make their job simpler.


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