6 Google Classroom Secrets Every Teacher Should Know

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Have you ever felt like you've only scratched the surface of what Google Classroom can offer? No worries you're not alone. Google Classroom is filled with hidden treasures and time-saving features that many educators are unaware of. As teachers, we already have a lot on our plates without having to spend time navigating menus and clicking around to fully uncover the potential of the tools we use daily. That's why we've put together this list of the six kept secrets of Google Classroom. Keep reading to explore how you can streamline your workflow engage your students effectively and bring out your tech-savvy teacher. By the time you finish reading this, you'll be a Google Classroom pro. Your students won't know what hit them!{fullWidth}

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Introduction to Google Classroom

So you've set up your Google Classroom - congratulations! Now it's time to unlock its full potential. Here are six secrets every teacher should know:

Share materials easily

Google Classroom makes it simple to share handouts, links, videos, and more with your students. Just click Share with Class, and the material is instantly added to the Classroom Stream for students to access. You can even schedule materials to post later.

Reuse posts

Don't reinvent the wheel. You can reuse posts from previous classes or share posts between classes. Just open a post, click the three-dot menu, select Reuse post, and choose where you want to reuse it. This saves time and ensures consistency.

Grade assignments faster

The built-in grading tool lets you provide feedback and scores right in the Classroom. You can even create rubrics to speed up the process. Grades are automatically added to your teacher dashboard and the individual student reports.

Stay organized

The classroom keeps all your materials, posts, and student work in one place. You can sort items by topic, date, or class period. Keep an archive of previous classes and years. This makes it easy to find what you need when you need it.

Connect with students

Use the private comment feature to provide feedback to students. You can also message individual students or the entire class. Students can message you with questions or comments as well. This facilitates open communication and connection.

Integrate with other tools

Google Classroom works with many other education apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms as well as third-party tools. This allows for diverse, interactive lessons while keeping everything centrally located in your Classroom. The options are endless!

Discover all the ways Google Classroom can make your life easier and enhance student learning. Once you unlock these secrets, you'll never want to go back!

The 6 Best Kept Secrets of Google Classroom

So you've started using Google Classroom and you're loving the basics. But did you know some secrets can take your Google Classroom skills to the next level? Check out these best-kept secrets:

Secret Description
1. Integration Seamlessly connects with Google Drive and other services for easy file sharing.
2. Scheduled Posts Plan announcements and assignments in advance for better organization.
3. Reuse Content Repurpose assignments and materials from previous classes to save time.
4. Private Feedback Provide discreet feedback to students using private comments.
5. Guardian Summaries Invite parents to receive summaries of students' activities and grades.
6. Keyboard Shortcuts Increase efficiency with handy keyboard shortcuts for various actions.

Customize your Classroom

You can change the theme, or add a class image or color to make your Classroom unique. Just click Settings > Classroom Details. Get creative! Students will appreciate the personal touch.

Mute assignments

Don't want students to turn in a particular assignment? Just mute it. Go to the assignment, click More, and select Mute. Students won't be able to turn it in, but it will remain visible. Perfect for drafts or optional assignments.

Reuse posts and materials

Why reinvent the wheel? You can copy entire Classrooms or individual posts, topics, questions, and assignments. Just click More next to the item you want to copy and select Copy to... Choose where you want to paste it and voila! This works between Classes too.

Grade in bulk

Speed up the grading process by enabling multiple submissions grading. Go to Settings > General and check the box next to Allow grading of multiple submissions at once. Then you can select multiple assignments and add grades and comments all at once. A real time-saver!

Get an overview of student work

Want to see all a student's missing or late work in one place? Go to the People page, click on a student, and select View All from their name. You'll get a snapshot of their overall progress and can quickly see what needs attention.

With these secrets in your toolkit, you'll be a Google Classroom pro in no time! Now isn't that worth sharing with your fellow teachers?

Streamline Grading and Feedback With Google Classroom

Streamlining the grading and feedback process is one of the best ways Google Classroom can save teachers time. Here are a few of the top secrets for managing assignments more efficiently:

Grade assignments in the Classroom

You can grade student work directly in the classroom without downloading attachments. Open the assignment, click View Assignment, and you'll see a list of all student work. Click Grade or Add Grade next to each student's name to leave feedback and a score. Your grades will automatically sync with your school's Student Information System.

Reuse post comments

If you find yourself leaving the same comment on multiple assignments, turn that comment into a post comment. Click Add post comment at the top of the assignment page, and that comment will be available to add to any student's work with a single click. You can create as many posts and comments as you like for common feedback.

Provide audio feedback

Sometimes verbal feedback is more effective than written comments alone. With Google Classroom, you can record audio comments for your students. Click the microphone icon next to a student's name to leave an audio message up to 90 seconds long. Your students will appreciate hearing your voice and getting feedback tailored specifically for them.

Return work with a single click

Once you've graded assignments and left feedback, returning the work to students is a snap. Check the boxes next to each student's name to select multiple students at once. Then click Return at the top of the page, and their work will be marked as returned, and your feedback will become visible to them.

Using these built-in tools to simplify the grading and feedback process will give you more time to focus on what you enjoy most about teaching. Your students will benefit from receiving timely and personalized feedback to help them improve and progress. Leveraging technology to enhance learning - that's what Google Classroom is all about!

Easily Track Student Progress

Google Classroom has some useful features built right in to help you easily track your student's progress.

See Who's Completed Assignments

At a glance, you can see which students have turned in work and who still need to submit. Click View Assignment to see a list of all students along with the status of their work. This makes it simple to follow up with students who are falling behind or need reminders.

Check Assignment Status

For larger classes, use the Filter option at the top of the page to view only missing, late, or completed work. This filtering ability allows you to zero in on the status of any assignment and see exactly where your students stand.

View Grades

Once you've graded assignments, tests, or other student work, the grades will automatically populate in Google Classroom. Click the Grades option on the left menu to view scores for the whole class, or select an individual student to see their grades. You can also download or print grade reports from here.

Leave Private Comments

When reviewing student work, leave comments in the Private comments section. These notes will only be visible to you and the individual student. Use private comments to provide specific feedback or ask follow-up questions without other students seeing. Students can also reply to your private comments to continue the conversation.

Review Revision History

For assignments that allow edits, Google Classroom will save previous versions of the work. Click View revision history to see all versions of the document and compare changes between drafts. This can show you how a student progressed in their thinking or writing, even if the final version looks much different.

These built-in features make it simple to get an at-a-glance overview of where your students stand. Regularly checking in on their progress and providing feedback along the way will help keep them on track to meet learning goals. Take advantage of all Google Classroom has to offer to gain insight into student progress and catch issues early on.

Customize Learning With Add-Ons and Extensions

One of the best parts about Google Classroom is how customizable it is. You can enhance the experience for both you and your students with add-ons and extensions. Here are a few of our favorites:

Chrome Extension: Google Classroom Join Code Generator

Generating new join codes for your classes can be tedious. This extension instantly creates unique codes for you to share with students. Just click and copy—no more typing in random letters and numbers.

Add-on: Google Classroom Question Bank

Creating quizzes and questions from scratch takes a lot of time. This add-on provides a searchable database of over 10 million questions sorted by topic and grade level. Find questions on any subject or standard and add them directly to your Google Classroom quizzes. Your students will love the variety.

Chrome Extension: Google Classroom Assignment Schedule

Keeping track of when all your assignments are due can be challenging. This extension displays all your posted assignments in a simple calendar view. See at a glance what's due each day so you can plan lessons and not get behind. Your students will appreciate the organization and not be surprised by last-minute assignments.

Add-on: Google Classroom Grade Updater

Inputting grades into spreadsheets and updating the Google Classroom gradebook takes too much time. This add-on automatically syncs grades from your spreadsheet into the Classroom gradebook with the click of a button. Just enter grades in your usual spreadsheet and update Classroom in seconds. The time you'll save is invaluable.

With tools like these at your fingertips, you can focus on teaching instead of the tedious tasks that come with it. Customize Google Classroom to work the way you need it to and enhance the experience for both you and your students. The opportunities for efficiency and engagement are endless. Give some of these add-ons and extensions a try—you won't want to teach without them!


So there you have it, the top secrets of Google Classroom that will take your teaching to the next level. Now you're in the know and equipped with some powerful tools to streamline your workflow, engage your students, and make your life as an educator just a little bit easier. What are you waiting for? Log into your Google Classroom and start putting these secrets to work for you. Once you do, you'll wonder how you ever managed without them. Your students will appreciate the interactive and engaging learning environment, and you'll appreciate the time and hassle these secrets save you. So go forth and spread the word to your fellow teachers - the secrets of Google Classroom are out!


What is Google Classroom, and why should teachers explore its hidden features?

Google Classroom is a platform, with a lot more to offer than what meets the eye. There are some gems and time-saving features that many teachers might not be aware of. By exploring these features teachers can simplify their teaching processes increase student involvement and benefit, from technology-driven tools.

Can you share some of the lesser-known features for sharing materials with students?

Absolutely! By enabling teachers to easily exchange handouts, movies, links, and more, Google Classroom streamlines sharing. When you select "Share with Class," the content is immediately made accessible on the Classroom Stream. Posts can also be scheduled for sharing at a later time.

How can I save time and maintain consistency in assignments?

There's no need to start again every time. Reusing posts from previous sessions or even across other classrooms is possible with Google Classroom. You can effectively recycle assignments by selecting "Reuse post" from the three dots menu, which ensures consistency and time efficiency.

How does the grading process become more efficient with Google Classroom?

The built-in grading feature in Google Classroom makes grading simple. This tool makes it easier to give comments and grades inside of Classroom. Even rubrics can be made to speed up grading. Additionally, your instructor dashboard and the individual student reports are automatically updated with the grade information.

How does Google Classroom support teacher-student communication?

For discreetly providing comments to students, Google Classroom provides a private remark tool. Additionally, you have the option of messaging a specific student or the entire class. This channel of communication is always open, which promotes engagement and connections.

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