Unleash Your Creativity: 7 Free AI Tools Coming in August

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Get ready, for a range of AI advancements in August 2023 that will enhance your creativity and productivity. Whether you're a professional or an entrepreneur having access to state-of-the-art tools is crucial. What is more exciting is that this August will introduce some AI-powered innovations that you won't want to miss. From an AI-based web designer to tools, for generating images and music these advancements will set your imagination free and unlock levels of innovation. Keep an eye out for these seven AI tools that will take your abilities to heights.{fullWidth}

Upcoming AI Tools - Features and Prices

Tool Features Price
Al WebTV AI-powered video content creator Free
Zeroscope AI-enhanced data visualization $19/month
otterAl AI-driven transcription and note-taking Free and paid plans available
Nvidia Canvas AI-assisted digital art creation $29.99/month
Tripnotes AI-guided travel planning $9.99/month
Picfinder AI-powered image search and inspiration Free
RunwayML AI tools for creative coding and art Varies based on subscription

Al WebTV: Stream Innovative AI-Generated Content

Al WebTV is a cutting-edge streaming service that offers a range of shows, movies, documentaries, and more. Set to launch in August Al WebTV utilizes machine learning technology to analyze video content and generate brand-new content that aligns with your favorite genres and creators' styles.


Are you, in the mood for an episode of your sitcom or perhaps an entire season of a show that doesn't even exist? Look no further than Al WebTV. Their AI algorithms carefully study shows to create episodes with characters, settings, and humor. The outcome is remarkably entertaining and serves as an alternative when you've exhausted content from creators.

That's not all! Al WebTV also brings you AI-generated documentaries, travel shows, cooking programs, and other nonfiction content. By studying documentarians and TV personalities their AI technology replicates their style, pacing, and presentation. So whether you're eager to delve into mysteries or explore cultures or cuisine around the world Al WebTV has an AI-powered show tailored just for you.

All this incredible entertainment can be yours for $4.99, per month—a price to pay for a constant stream of fresh media that will satisfy your content cravings.{alertSuccess}

Although not as refined as productions crafted by humans shows and movies generated by AI are continuously becoming more intelligent and advanced. Al WebTV is leading the way, in this revolution utilizing intelligence to expand the horizons of streaming entertainment. The future of media has arrived. Are you prepared to embrace an entertainment experience?{alertInfo}

Zeroscope: Unleash Your Creativity With AI Image Generation

Ever wished you could create personalized graphics on demand? Now you can thanks to Zeroscope. You can generate original images using this free AI tool by using text descriptions.


Simply input a few phrases describing the image you wish to view to get started. You might include something like this as an example: 

• A futuristic metropolis with soaring skyscrapers and flying autos whizzing past.

• A beautiful beach at dusk with swaying palm trees.

• A close-up of an inquisitive robot sauntering through a thick forest.

Then Zeroscope will create a unique image that corresponds to your description. Depending on how you describe the scene, the outcomes could be either fantastical or realistic.

With the help of this AI-powered image generator, you may unleash your creativity. Use it to create artwork, personalized wallpaper, vision boards, or story ideas. There are countless options!

Zeroscope operates directly in your browser and is free to use. To begin creating original graphics that are specifically matched to your ideas, all you need is an internet connection. Explore your imagination and see what Zeroscope can come up with!{alertInfo}

OtterAl: Automatic Voice Transcription Powered by AI

OtterAl is an AI tool you should have in your toolbox if you routinely conduct or record meetings, presentations, or interviews. This clever transcribing tool converts speech to text automatically using machine learning. OtterAl instantly turns a speech into a written transcript after you upload audio or video material.


OtterAl does transcription quickly and accurately, processing up to 600 words per minute. Multiple speakers can be recognized, and each of their comments can be labeled appropriately. Additionally offering useful tools, OtterAl lets you search, modify, and highlight your transcript. Transcripts can be shared with others, and you can generate summary highlights to rapidly skim the most crucial passages.

OtterAl saves a tonne of time for professionals in the business world, journalism, research, and education. Stop spending hours painstakingly typing out verbatim the details of crucial meetings and conversations. OtterAl handles the work so you can concentrate on consuming and analyzing the data. 

The Essential plan's $8.33 monthly cost gets you enough minutes to record most meetings and interviews. Higher plans provide better value and options like importing your vocabulary to increase accuracy for frequent users.{alertSuccess}

OtterAl is, all things considered, a very helpful tool for anyone who regularly records and has to transcribe speech. By avoiding the tiresome chore of manually transcribing audio, AI-powered transcription can help you save time. For the features it offers at a low cost, OtterAl is certainly an AI service worth trying in August and beyond.{alertInfo}

Nvidia Canvas: Create Digital Artwork With AI Assist

Nvidia Canvas is an AI-powered tool that helps unleash your creativity. It allows you to create unique digital artwork with the help of AI assistance.


How it Works

Based on your input sketches and doodles, Nvidia Canvas uses AI to create new artwork. The digital canvas offers tips for finishing your artwork as you sketch on it.

To begin, open a blank canvas and decide what kind of artwork you want to make—for example, a landscape, a portrait, an abstract piece, etc. Nvidia Canvas analyses your strokes as you begin to sketch out the fundamental outlines and shapes of your artwork and offers AI-generated ideas for moving forward. These could be new colors to use, patterns to include, items to include, or compositional element arrangements.

Every piece of art made using the tool helps the AI learn, so as time goes on, the suggestions it makes are increasingly suited to your taste. The AI recommendations are then yours to accept or reject. The ultimate product is a unique work of digital art that has been impacted by artificial intelligence but is not controlled by it.

Both professionals and hobbyists can access the creative potential of AI thanks to Nvidia Canvas. It can help aspiring artists break through creative barriers or experiment with fresh looks. AI can be pushed by seasoned artists to make more unexpected recommendations and incorporate them in novel ways. The options are only limited by your imagination.{alertInfo}

Start drawing and see where Nvidia Canvas takes you to unleash your creativity.{alertSuccess}

Trip notes: Crafting Enriching Travel Experiences with AI

With Tripnotes, an AI-powered travel journaling software, you can record and revisit memorable travel experiences. The software creates a chronology of your journey by passively tracking your activity and location as you travel. It will then ask you questions about your experiences, memories, and insights using natural language processing. To enhance your journey narrative, you might include pictures, journal entries, or voice recordings.


Writing an interesting vacation narrative is simple using Tripnotes. Its AI poses intelligent queries like: 

• What shocked or delighted you today? to encourage your innovation?

• Describe a memorable discussion you had.

• What have you discovered about the world or yourself?

The app also suggests journeys, creative prompts for reflecting on themes like personal growth, cultural insights, or life transitions. These journeys provide an enriching framework for processing your experiences.

Once your trip is over, Tripnotes compiles your entries, photos, location history, and more into an interactive digital travel journal. Revisit your adventure and see how much you have grown from the perspectives and wisdom gained on your journey.

Tripnotes are a must-have tool for mindful travelers seeking to forge deeper connections with the places they explore. By capturing and sharing authentic travel stories, we gain a richer understanding of ourselves, others, and what it means to journey well. Let Tripnotes be your guide to crafting meaningful memories that last well beyond your trip.{alertInfo}

Picfinder: Visual Discovery Enhanced by AI

Picfinder analyses your photos using cutting-edge AI to discover related publicly available images online. Picfinder will make comparable image suggestions once you upload a photo from your camera roll or social media to help you get creative.


Your photo is examined by the AI, which identifies elements including the subject matter, composition, lighting, and prominent colors. Then it looks through countless photographs to locate ones with similar features. If you upload a picture of a sunset, you can get ideas for other colorful sunrises and sunsets, or if you upload a picture of a person, you might find more poignant close-ups.

The visual exploration offered by Picfinder may provide unanticipated inspiration. You might discover breathtaking macro nature photographs by uploading a snapshot of a leaf. There are countless options.

You can: use Picfinder

  • Find uncommon images to utilize as sources of inspiration or references for your artistic endeavors. The usage of this tool will be especially beneficial to photographers, designers, and artists.
  • To complete a project you're working on, find more samples of a specific theme, style, or subject. It is suitable for use in visual research by educators and students.
  • Examine various shot framing and subject-capturing options. You may never have thought of using new angles or compositions on your own, but Picfinder makes them available to you.
  • Use artificial intelligence to expedite time-consuming image searches. You can easily explore thousands of possibilities with Picfinder, which will quickly propose visually comparable images.

The iOS mobile software Picfinder is currently accessible for free, and an Android version will follow soon.{alertSuccess}

Try Picfinder if you're seeking a novel approach to finding photographs and unleashing your creativity. You could be surprised and delighted by the visual inspiration!{alertInfo}

RunwayML: Empowering Creatives with AI

An AI tool called RunwayML was created especially for people in the creative industry. RunwayML promises to use machine learning to enhance your creative process whether you're a musician, artist, or designer. These are a few of the capabilities:


• Image creation: RunwayML may create new images from text prompts, sketches, or by fusing several existing ones. This is fantastic for conceptualizing fresh visuals or finding unexpected outcomes.

• Image editing: Change pictures using everyday words, such as "make the sky more dramatic" or "change the color of the dress to red." AI is used by RunwayML to comprehend your requests and make accurate modifications.

• Generating audio/music: For musicians and sound designers, RunwayML may produce fresh audio loops and clips, alter already-existing clips, or recombine sounds in novel ways.

The best part is that RunwayML runs locally on your PC and is entirely free to use. No need to share or upload any of your artistic endeavors. How the AI supports your process is completely within your control.

Although it is currently in development, RunwayML has a lot of potential for creatives interested in experimenting with AI. Your creativity can be released with the support of the capacity to produce novel ideas, receive suggestions outside of your regular thinking, and accelerate iteration. You also don't have to worry about any IP or privacy issues because it operates locally.

Overall RunwayML is a tool that seeks to empower individuals to explore the depths of their artistic abilities with the help of AI. Whether you're a designer, artist, or musician it's worth exploring the possibilities this tool offers. Who knows what avenues it could inspire you to pursue in your creative journey!{alertInfo}

7 Free AI Tools Coming in August: Summary and Comparison

AI tools are developing at a breakneck pace, and this month, many new free choices are being made available that encourage creativity. Here is a brief rundown of the new content:


Visit RunwayML.com to find innovative AI tools. With intuitive models for music, painting, and other disciplines, you can bring your ideas to life. Let your imagination run wild.


Picfinder.ai: Your go-to resource for image searching. Find photos of any quality with ease for any project. Make your work stand out by simply accessing a huge library.

Al WebTV:

WebTV Al: Your one-stop shop for video content with AI. Like never before, find, watch, and enjoy personalized shows and movies. Improve your experience with entertainment.


Zeroscope: Uncover the microcosm. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), this cutting-edge instrument expands the scope of microscopy and transforms scientific observation.


Get to know otterAl, your AI writing buddy. Create text with ease for a variety of reasons. Unlock your writing abilities, from brainstorming to content creation.

Canvas from Nvidia:

Make no limits to your imagination with The Nvidia Canvas. Concepts are transformed into artistic works of art using this AI-powered technology. New approaches to illustration, design, and painting are used.


Your AI travel assistant is Tripnotes. Plan, coordinate, and improve your trips with ease. Make every trip memorable, from the plans to the memories.

This month offers an interesting crop of free options to ignite your imagination and add a little more pleasure to routine activities because new AI tools are always being released. Why not attempt a few? You never know what abilities kids may discover!{alertInfo}


Now that you have a wide range of effective but simple AI tools at your disposal, you can unleash your creativity and increase your productivity this August. These tools can be used to produce eye-catching images, make useful notes, or develop chatbots. The best aspect is that you can use them all without paying anything, so there is no risk in trying them out. Why are you holding out? Start experimenting, creating, and exploring the possibilities by turning on your computer or mobile device. You never know what passions or talents these AI tools can help you discover. Start now and see where your imagination leads you! Go out there and create something incredible because the future is now. You can do this.


What is Al WebTV, and how does it work?

Al WebTV is a streaming service that uses AI to provide tailored content recommendations. To create custom entertainment experiences that keep viewers interested and delighted, it uses predictive analytics and content analysis to learn consumer preferences.

How does Zeroscope revolutionize microscopy?

Zeroscope uses AI algorithms to analyze and decipher microscopic images at a previously unheard-of degree of detail. Zeroscope is a game-changer for scientific research since it enables scientists to get important insights into disciplines like medical diagnostics and materials science.

What sets otterAl apart as a communication tool?

otterAl enables real-time multilingual discussions by simultaneously translating spoken words into other languages while maintaining the speaker's tone. It can be used in a variety of situations, such as business negotiations and travel, to overcome language obstacles.

What is Picfinder's role in visual discovery?

Picfinder uses AI picture recognition to speed up information search by analyzing photographs and returning results that are appropriate for the current context. It is a useful tool for locating landmarks, flora, and other visual signals.

How does RunwayML empower creatives with AI?

RunwayML is a platform that makes AI accessible to developers, designers, and artists. It provides a variety of AI models and tools that enable users to seamlessly incorporate AI into their creative projects, from interactive installations to generative art.


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